Terms and conditions of use


By purchasing products from Cheaper in Dozens (we/us/our), the purchaser (the Customer) agrees to the following specific terms and conditions: 

Product Descriptions

We endeavor to provide accurate details and descriptions of products on our site. Cheaper in Dozens reserves the right to supply items which differ in detail, but not in substance, to those ordered (e.g. a book may have been reprinted with a new cover or as a revised and updated edition).

Product Availability

Cheaper in Dozens does not hold inventory of the items listed on this site. Products are sourced from third party suppliers, usually directly from the publishers, who may themselves not have the item immediately available. Cheaper in Dozens will not be liable for any loss, damage or delay directly or indirectly relating to any failure to deliver ordered items within the estimated timeframe.

In the event that the publisher or supplier is not able to immediately supply your order or a portion of your order, this information will be relayed to you by us as soon as the publisher or supplier has advised us. You will, at that point, be advised of when it may be possible for your order or a portion of your order to be supplied to you. You will then also be given the choice of (a) canceling your order and receiving a refund in whole or in part (i.e., a full refund if your whole order is unavailable, or a part refund if a portion of your order is unavailable) or (b) leaving your order logged and to be filled by the publisher(s) as soon as the resource(s) is/are available.

Delivery and Non-Delivery

Cheaper in Dozens only supplies items to customers in the USA. We aim to supply most items within two weeks of receiving an order from the Customer, but we cannot guarantee this. Shipping methods are at the discretion of the publishers of the books ordered. Because books are shipped directly from the publisher, your order may arrive in multiple packages.

PayPal Payments

Cheaper in Dozens operates as the DBA business entity of James Holmes Doing Business As Great Writing. Your credit or debit card statement will reflect the name (or a shortened form of the name) "Cheaper in Dozens."